The best way to bake pizza at home is to use a thick piece of R.O.C. baking steel in your oven.

Baking steel was first tested and given popularity by the genius-food-scientists at Modernist Cuisine.

Carbon steel will absorb more heat and release it faster than a regular pizza stone. Even better, carbon steel will never crack! With R.O.C. Baking Steel, you can produce the delicious crust of Naples style pizza in 4-5 minutes using your home oven. You can also create the crunchy delicious outer crust for sourdough and other breads.

Our baking steels are all made from high quality food grade steel.


We are a family based business run out of Melbourne. My wife is from Italian heritage and as a family, us and our kids have always loved pizza! I first came across the baking steel idea from Modernist Cuisine. Not finding anywhere to purchase locally, I looked into creating my own baking steel. Initially I did a small order, hoping I could on-sell to family and friends to cover cost. Everyone, including me, loved the baking steel! So I decided to create this business to help other Australians get access to pizza steels or baking steels and be able to create artisan baked goods at home. We hope you enjoy it!


Lena Turnbull
Lena TurnbullFacebook Review
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Another win with the awesome ROC baking steel 🍕
Nerville Coleman
Nerville ColemanFacebook Review
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Hi Peter. Thanks very much for the Steel. Looks great and fits perfectly on the Weber (charcoal). Pizza's on this weekend!
simply_sourdoughInstagram Post
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0% freshly milled wholewheat. Playing around with my new ROC baking steel so I can fit 2 loaves in at once. Still working on capturing steam but I think it's coming along.
Bianca Dapiran
Bianca DapiranFacebook Review
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absolutely in love with my baking steel. Made bread and it turned out fantastic. brilliant flavor and the bread had a nice crust and the bottom of the bread was perfect. thank you so much for our baking still plate I'm obsessed. I definitely recommend ROC baking steel.

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We will be back Sep 2022

We have a young family and moved mid 2020 to our house in Mullumbimby, NSW.
Pete has another business (also in Melb) and the staff were helping to pack and dispatch ROC Baking Steel orders and his brother was helping with customer service enquiries. However now they have finished to pursue other interests.
On 28th Feb our house was flooded and we had to pack up and move to another place and continue to clean up and repair the damage and dealing with insurers etc.
We have been assessing our priorities and have decided to close our online shop for a few months as it is only a micro business and we do it because we love baking pizza and bread and we started selling these as there wasn’t much on offer to Australia. 
We are working with an overseas partner to assist with production of ROC Baking Steels. We expect the stock to arrive Sep 2022 and will be using a warehousing service provider to keep our orders dispatched in a timely manner.
If you want to hear from us, you can send me an email your interest and we will notify you once stock becomes available.

Currently we will offer just the EH 38 x 36cm (6mm thickness) and early next year we will be offering a 1cm with Griddle feature as our standard and for a good price.

Thanks for visiting and we we hope to be helping you to bake again soon.