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What is the best way to make pizza at home?






The best way to bake pizza at home is to use a thick piece of R.O.C. baking steel in your oven.

Baking steel was first tested and given popularity by the genius-food-scientists at Modernist Cuisine.

Carbon steel will absorb more heat and release it faster than a regular pizza stone.
With R.O.C. Baking Steel, you can produce the delicious crust of Naples style pizza in 4-5 minutes using your home oven.

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Is this the best way to bake pizza at home?

Yes, absolutely!

R.O.C. Baking Steel is just like a pizza stone. Except it is made from carbon steel and works a million times better. And it will never crack!

Key features of all R.O.C. Baking Steels

Our baking steels are all made from high quality food grade New Zealand milled steel.

Designed, laser cut, processed and quality checked in Australia.

Prices are in AUD$

60 day money back guarantee - extended warranty

Paypal or bank transfer accepted

$13 metro shipping Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin

For rural areas, please let us know if shipping seems too high and we can check other couriers.

R.O.C. Baking Steel

You can order online

Please feel to send me an email pete@rocbakingsteel.com.au for more info.

Choose a size to fit your oven or bbq

R.O.C. Baking Steel comes in 2 different thicknesses, 1cm and 0.6cm and various sizes to fit your oven. We also have a Griddle version of our 1cm plates.

Handy tip from one of our happy bakers: Cut a piece of cardboard to the dimensions of the steel to check the size of your oven or BBQ.

Choose a R.O.C. Baking Steel that will fit allowing some space around the edges for hot air to circulate.

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