UPDATE: Thursday, 26 March 2020.

We are still taking orders and dispatching and couriers are continuing to pick them up.

Please look out for each other and help someone if you can. Kind or encouraging words, being someone they can listen to, teaching them to bake bread, helping to pick up their groceries, waving from across the road. Whatever you can give, with the intention of making another’s life a little bit better in these hard times, will go a long way to help all of us.  Stay calm, keep your distance. Join a local facebook group for your area. There is someone that will appreciate you reaching out.

Perfect for sourdough bread and crispy delicious pizza.

Artisan baking at home.

Works better than a pizza stone and will never crack. Read our reviews to see how good it is.

If you love baking and are serious about getting the best results then go for the 1cm thick plate. 1cm thick is recommended by the geniuses at Modernist Cuisine as the optimal thickness for baking pizza in your home oven.

So now you just need to choose the shape and dimensions that suit your oven or bbq. Some are clean cut, and others have a handle in built for easy carrying, the griddles are versatile with a grease trap channel on one side.

90 day money back guarantee - extended warranty

Paypal or bank transfer accepted

$13 metro shipping Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin

For rural areas, please let us know if shipping seems too high and we can check other couriers.

Drop us a line at hello@rocbakingsteel.com.au