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How it workS

ROC Baking Steel is made from low carbon food grade steel. Heat it up in your oven. Slide in your pizza or loaf and the steel can quickly release the heat to give your dough a lift. We call this 'oven spring' and it makes your dough light and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. You can cooks Pizzas in 4-6mins. It's perfect for sourdough breads and has multiple other uses. ROC Baking Steel is designed and manufactured to never crack or break and we guarantee it.

Key Features

  • Create delicious crispy pizzas and sourdough bread in your standard home oven
  • ROC Baking Steel, Pizza Steel, Sourdough Bread Baking Steel & Griddle
  • Also can be used to make pancakes, fry up eggs, sear steaks and veggies
  • Made from local steel, milled in New Zealand, laser cut and finished in Melbourne Australia.
  • High durability low carbon steel, that will last you a lifetime.
  • Zero non-stick coatings just safe steel, which can go to 450+ degrees celcius
  • 90 Day money back guarantee (excludes shipping) Try it out and if it doesnt work you can return it for a full refund.

Choose Your Size

1st, choose the size to fit your oven
2nd Step, choose a thickness (most bread bakers go for 1cm thickness)

Measure your oven racks. Allow some space for airflow around the plate 2-each side. The most common size is 38cm x 36cm (this one weighs 10.5kg) and we have a new size 38x33cm. You can store them in your oven and they work to maintain the oven temp when cooking.

ROC Baking Steel (38 x 33 x 0.6cm) 10KG

$89.00 each

The 0.6cm thick steel plate is perfect for delicious home baked pizza.

There are various sizes to select, have a look in our shop.

Try it out and if it doesn’t work you can return it for a full refund.

5 Star Rating

Sourdough Baking & Pizza Steel (38 x 33 x 1cm) 9.2KG

If you love baking and are serious about getting the best results then go for the 1cm thick plate.

1cm thick is recommended by the geniuses at Modernist Cuisine as the optimal thickness for baking pizza in your home oven.

5 Star Rating

ROC BAKING STEEL (41 x 36 x 1cm) 11.6KG

Ideal for Sourdough bread and Pizza.

All our products have a 90 day money back guarantee

5 Star Rating

ROC Baking Steel Griddle – (29 x 48 x 1cm) 11KG

If you love frying up your favourite food on a hot plate and are serious about getting the best baking results then go for the 1cm thick plate with griddle on one side.

5 Star Rating


Lena Turnbull
Lena TurnbullFacebook Review
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Another win with the awesome ROC baking steel 🍕
Nerville Coleman
Nerville ColemanFacebook Review
Read More
Hi Peter. Thanks very much for the Steel. Looks great and fits perfectly on the Weber (charcoal). Pizza's on this weekend!
simply_sourdoughInstagram Post
Read More
30% freshly milled wholewheat. Playing around with my new ROC baking steel so I can fit 2 loaves in at once. Still working on capturing steam but I think it's coming along.
Bianca Dapiran
Bianca DapiranFacebook Review
Read More
absolutely in love with my baking steel. Made bread and it turned out fantastic. brilliant flavor and the bread had a nice crust and the bottom of the bread was perfect. thank you so much for our baking still plate I'm obsessed. I definitely recommend ROC baking steel.

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