The best way to cook pizza at home is to use a thick piece of R.O.C. baking steel in your oven.
It was the genius-food-scientists at Modernist Cuisine that first suggested baking with carbon steel.

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Going to try the low yeast and long fermentation dough next time! Just waiting for the yeast weight scales to come! Thanks heaps for all the info and for the steel!! Works amazing 🙂
Thank you!! Really tasty bread full of seeds. Your baking steel is fantastic to make the most of the oven 😉.
absolutely in love with my baking steel. Made bread and it turned out fantastic. brilliant flavor and the bread had a nice crust and the bottom of the bread was perfect. thank you so much for our baking still plate I'm obsessed. I definitely recommend ROC baking steel.
Bianca Dapiran
So far this has been the best solution for my home pizzas, and I'm looking forward to no cracks like I had with the baking stones.
Nicholas Ho
THRILLED with this steel. It used to take 12 minutes per pizza on our old stone. This cooked 4 pies to crispy perfection in 25 minutes. I recommend this steel with my highest rating.
Bill Blevins
Soo good!!! Can’t believe how crispy the bottom was even with the baking paper
I have two Steels from these guys and they are AMAZING! The trick for the ultimate Pizza at home in my opinion is two pizza steels. Half bake on one and second half of the bake on the other. It keeps the heat on the bottom of the pizza and gives it a great bottom 🙂
John Soden
We've been talking our pizza game to the next level lately. I put it directly on the ROC Baking Steel after it has preheated in the oven on the highest temperature for at least 30 minutes. It works so well, and the base of this pizza is crispy, golden, thin, but not burnt or tough like a cracker.
I'm absolutely in love with the steel (41x36x1cm) I got from ROC Baking Steel. Prior to this, I had pizza stones, lava rocks, bread cloche, etc. to vamp up the performance of our rather pathetic LOFRA oven (inherited from previous owner of the house) but never been able to achieve that big oven spring or that hollow tapping sound with my sourdough bread. Now the first bake with the steel, I finally got these features and the bread tasted amazing! Thank you! 🤩
Maki Koyama
So happy with my new ROC baking steel - sourdough vegan pizza


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